The WordPress Design

February 18, 2006

Something I should mention about the design I am using for the blog now. It is essentially the default WordPress 2.0 theme. I have replaced the title image with my own, taken at the Four Seasons hotel in Hampshire, January 2006.

The first tier fonts used in the design are going to be supplied with Windows Vista. The font for post texts, titles and menus is Candara, with fallback to Lucida Grande, Verdana, Arial, Helvectia and finally sans-serif. For code snippets the font is Consolas, with fallback to Lucida Console, Courier New, Courier, Fixed and finally monospace.

Screenshot with Candara font and ClearType (Click for Larger Version).

Needless to say, the site looks gorgeous when viewed with Candara and Consolas, with ClearType turned on and tuned correctly. If you are one of those people who call ClearType by other names such as “Fuzzy Fonts”, then you have not tuned your ClearType correctly [Update: To use the Cleartype tuner you have to be in Internet Explorer. I know I know, don’t blame me!] . Get over yourself and go tune it correctly! I am hoping that the fallback to Lucida Grande will make the site also look good on Mac OSX system’s aswell.

To get hold of the Windows Vista range of fonts before release, you need to get hold of a copy of one of the Community Technical Previews and copy the fonts from there onto a Windows XP box, other than this, there is no other way of getting the fonts that I know about (No, I can’t give them to you, I have no idea about the licensing rights to these fonts).