I’ve Switched!

February 18, 2006

No, not to Apple computers; Rather, I have moved my blogging platform over to WordPress for my main weblog (the one your reading now). Mark & Sarah in the UK will stay on Movable Type for now, and my old weblog will remain accessible via it’s existing url, http://markallanson.net/weblog.

My first impressions of WordPress have left me with the feeling that Six Apart has a long, long way to go before getting their software up to the standard of WordPress in both features provided and fit-and-polish of the overall user experience. The WordPress user interface is a very nice place to be, thats for sure.

I’ve also made another switch. I am now using Flock as my full-time web browser. My main reason for using Flock full time, i’m ashamed to admit, is that i’m a sucker for a pretty user interface and the default skin for Flock is absolutely gorgeous. I have also recently started to use del.icio.us for bookmarking, and Flock’s integration with del.icio.us (as well as the ability to post weblog entries within a specialised editor in the browser) is a killer feature for me.

You may be wondering why I have bothered to switch my blogging platform given how little I actually post. Well, it was generally an exercise to satisfy my curiosity surrounding the traction WordPress has gathered recently, simple as that.

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