November 18, 2003

Well I have arrived in the UK, flights were a bit of a drag, but then they always are. The luggage got stuck on the plane and it took them almost an hour to get it out, so that, combined with the fact that the plane was late arriving meant that I actually got out of heathrow about 2 hours later than I should have. Not happy!

Airport security at heathrow was, well, non existant, which was a surprise, I expected a lot of guards everywhere. Passport checks were incredibly lax. They just looked at my photo, looked at me, then let you through. Its a bit strange when you are used to proper passport checking. Still I cant complain, its better than tight security I guess.

I managed to sign up with Freeserve as my Internet provider, 9.99 pounds a month for the first 3 months, then 14.99 a month after than, so all is good there, connecting was easy, though they try and get you to install everything automatically using windows internet connection settings (.ics) files. No thank you! I dont want my ISP taking over everything with their own settings. Thankfully .ics files are text so you can just read inside and set everything up yourself.

Now its time to look for a place to stay, Have been browsing property rental websites, mainly Its definately a bit strange looking for rentals online, it doesnt feel right, so its time to make some appointments to see some properties this weekend.

No pictures yet. I will go for a walk this afternoon and take some.