Zooomr Giving Away Pro Accounts?

July 8, 2006

Ok, so it looks like Zooomr is giving away free pro accounts for kicks (and publicity). Not one to turn down something free, Here is my Swirling Light photo presented as part of my showcase, but hosted on the Zooomr servers.

Now. I’ve been thinking about whether I should host the photo’s from the showcase on Zooomr or whether I should host them on my own Gallery website. Here’s the Pros and Cons of using Zooomr as far as I can tell so far.



I can’t find any documentation on the site as to whether the cons are addressed by having a pro account (ie original size support), or whether they will be added with Zooomr 2.0. I’m willing to try it out for a while. I wonder how easy it would be to bulk upload all my old photo’s into it.