What on Earth was Bloglines Doing?

February 20, 2006

I was having a browse through my referrer logs, and to my surpise I noticed that a single IP address was responsible for consuming 1.16GB of data during the month of January!

Here is the stat listing from AWStats… 

Host Pages Hits Bandwidth Last visit 2843 2843 1.16 GB 31 Jan 2006 – 23:32

Doing a reverse lookup on this IP using tracert, we can see that this is the Bloglines Crawler…

 19    98 ms    99 ms   104 ms  crawler.bloglines.com [] 

I can’t for the life of my fathom why bloglines would need to consume 1.16GB of bandwidth during a single month! Looking at this a little bit further, i’m going to out the worst of those bandwidth consumers.

  1. 1.16GB: Bloglines Crawler.
  2. 534MB: Something under Optimum Online (ool-435525cb.dyn.optonline.net). Seems to be an service provider.
  3. 414MB: Omni Explorer (Could be a spambot, see the Spamhuntress entry for Omni Explorer).
  4. 255MB: Gemstar TVGuide Inc.

I have a very small readership, hardly worth agressive crawling, so I can’t imagine what kind of attention popular bloggers are getting from these guys!

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