Thoughts from the Dark Room

November 4, 2006

Sometimes I think that the world is too complex.

Is too the right work there, or is it to?

I want to come too.

I wonder exactly how distraction free Darkroom actually is. If I  receive an MSN IM, will the bubble pop up over the top of DarkRoom? Unfortunately, I don’t have enough friends to test that theory with, i’ve been on MSN the last hour and no one has written me.

DarkRoom is much nicer to use with fixed with font like Consolas than with a proportional width font like Calibri. Somehow Calibri takes away the simpleness that is DarkRoom.

I tried Candara too, that also did not work well.

CTRL-S to Save. CTRL-O to Open. CTRL-P to Print. CTRL-X to Cut. CTRL-C to Copy. CTRL-V to Paste. CTRL-Z to Undo. CTRL-Y to Redo. CTRL-SHIFT-Z to Undo. Should not CTRL-SHIFT-Z by Redo?

Why doesn’t CTRL-SHIFT-X perform the opposite to CTRL-X?

I can’t figure out how to exit DarkRoom. I wonder if I will be stuck here forever?

The DarkRoom can be found here.