The F-Word

August 2, 2006
Gordon Ramsay hitting a cake with a bat.

Maybe i’m a little late with this but it looks like Channel 4 are putting up video recipes of dishes that are served as part of the F-Word television show.

For those that don’t know about the F-Word, it is a food show with a bit of a difference. Gordon Ramsey has a group of people who are passionate about food (say, for instance, a group of plumber friends) on each episode to cook in the kitchen with him for a restaurant full of guests dining in the F-Word restaurant inc. us normal folk and celebrities. It also has a number of small interesting sidebars. One of this weeks sidebars was Giles Coran making a huge Jaffa Cake for the Pimp that Snack website (It seems to be down at the moment).

The videos they are releasing as part of the show are fantastic. Classic Gordon Ramsay style – single word verbs for each action, he makes it all sound so easy!

…Oil in pan – Sear – Remove – Cool 20 minutes – Mushrooms – Chop – Blitz…(Ok, so there are more than just verbs there, but you get the point).

Along with the video of him performing the action it makes for interesting viewing, and give you greater confidence that you could try cooking the dish. The video for beef wellington is especially good.