Rosberg Unimpressive – Again – in Hungaroring Qualifying

August 5, 2006

Yet another atrocious quali for Rosberg.

Where is this speed we are all hearing so much about? He is so far beyond over-hyped it’s not funny. I mean, to drive a Williams to P18 (01:22:084) in Hungaroring Quali when Webber puts it on 5th (01:20:266). Thats 1.8 seconds difference, and Webber was even running with race fuel to set that time where Rosberg was on low fuel!

Seriously. I can’t see why Frank is keeping him next year – better to let him go to a smaller team for a few years to find all this speed we have been hearing about. Imagine what Luizzi or Montiero (who both qualified ahead of him) could do in the same car that Rosberg is driving?

The thing that makes this all the worse, is the fact that Rosberg believes his own hype.

“I’m seriously quick and afraid of no one.” F1 Racing Magazine – August Issue

Seriously Quick? Serious Ego, more likely.