iPod + Camera Connector = Notebook

August 22, 2006

iPod + Camera Connector = Laptop 

With all the travel restrictions that are currently in place when flying out of any UK airport at the moment, the thought of trying to get a big backpack full of Notebook, SLR and accessories into the cabin as hand baggage is a bit daunting. The width of a backpack would definitely exceed the 160mm restriction currently in place.

Now, I normally take my notebook on vacation travel (Ie, travel where I want to just chill out and do very little) with me for a couple of reasons:

  1. Refill my iPod Shuffle when I want some new tunes.
    • Offload images from my camera’s memory card.</ol> I generally don’t do the following things:
    1. Try and hook up anywhere that has net access - I really couldn’t care less while I’m on vacation.
      • Do image editing.
        • Do any other random computing tasks.</ol> </p>


        Now – we’re going to Italy in September, and I heard about the iPod camera connector that allows you to copy images from your camera onto an iPod without the need of anything other than an iPod, Camera Connector, USB Cable and Camera. Perfect. </p>

        EBay to the rescue. 1x 30gb iPod, 1x Camera Connector on their way to my grubby little hands!

        The other advantage of this of course is when spending 6+ hours on your feet in a foreign city the extra weight of a notebook, even an ultralight, can really start to drain your energy. With this combination I can stick with my Crumpler Stunner and have everything I need (Body, Zoom Lens, Filters, Hood, Passport, Wallet, Camera, iPod, Camera Connector) all in one bag.