Xml Schema Editor refreshed in Whidbey

July 6, 2005

Thank you Microsoft!

After having to write and modify large schema xml files by hand due to the fact that the VS.NET 2003 Xml Schema Editor was so, so, so horrendously slow, Whidbey has refreshed the Xml Schema Editor in the following ways:

  1. Fast. Redraw of elements is quick. (as opposed to being so slow you could watch the redraw in progress bit by bit)
  2. Xml Schema Overview. This is like the Pan & Zoom window that comes in Visio. Excellent.
  3. Partial Redraw when scrolling using the Xml Schema Overview. Elements that come into view are drawn in a minimilistic fashion until you stop zooming, making the scroll very quick
  4. Left Rooted Tree. This is much nicer than the Top Rooted version in VS.NET 2003. Brings it into line with editors like oXygen and Xml Spy.

Its about time these changes were made, and I would like to personally thank the developer who did the work!