Jumboz, where are you?

August 29, 2005

Jumboz (mentioned in my post “Super Low Springs for the FTO), where are you? Why are you not defending your reputation? Why are you not increasing the quality of your products?, or if you are increasing the quality of your products why are you not letting people know? Where is your blog? Where is your website!!!!!!!

I couldn’t find a single post on any bulletin board / forum that said good things about Jumboz Springs (notice however that I did find lots of posts that didn’t say a anything either way). The car modification scene would have to be one of the most active groups of internet users on the planet after geeks with their countless forums, bulletin boards and club websites. Not having a web presence here is almost an attempt at suicide.

PS. Sorry if this post sounds a lot like Scoble, but in an instance like this I can see exactly where he is comming from.