Work can be draining

April 17, 2004


Just had a long 2 week period of late nights and in on the weekends. That combined with a dead notebook is the reason for not posting for a while.

On the up side, given the last 2 months experiences, I can delare the following things:

  1. I feel that I am now confident enough with Java and the Eclipse environment that I could take a Java job. (note there is a large difference between could and want. I don’t ever want to take a java job)
  2. Even though most underground lines are unreliable, and despite the Central line being very crowded, Central Line > District Line
  3. I now grasp the concepts and implementation of Web Services and .NET Remoting
  4. London trains can be in general described as unreliable
  5. I am beginning to become quite fluent in (T)SQL

Given the amount of time I have been spending at work I haven’t had any time to do any of my own development work. I have just recently started using Microsoft Money 2004 to manage my finances and wanted to develop a Mozilla plugin to export my bank records from online banking into Microsoft Money, but it seems like money can only import Quicken type files, and the last thing I want to do is have to mess about with file formats.