New Photo Gallery Implementation

June 18, 2004

I have finally had the time and inspiration to dump my 2 year old perl scripts that were running my photo gallery and install and configure the free/open source Gallery software.

I intially tried out this program about 8 or 9 months ago however I found it quite cumbersome to use, and the windows java based client was pretty un-user-friendly. Something that I didn’t notice, that was pointed out to me today by Tolli, is that you can install a registry patch that allows you to publish your photo’s directly into gallery directly from your local machines file system using the Microsoft Windows XP Web Publishing Wizard. Using this feature of Windows XP updating your photo gallery is a matter of going to the folder that you want to publish as a photo gallery, enter the publishing wizard, follow a few steps that include selecting that you want to publish to Gallery and voila, done.

So, you can now visit the new and improved photo gallery. I still have not migrated over all the old photo galleries, and have not yet migrated over any of the photo descriptions or commentary, but I will get them done soon. Also note that I have published the photo’s from our New York City visit. Note that you can also comment on the photo’s so if you have something to say about a particular photo please punch it in.