Mark’s Asp.Net Journals

April 29, 2004

I am a reasonably accomplished C#.Net Software Engineer, however one part of the .Net Framework and technologies that I have not explored is those in the area of Asp.Net. In order to learn this part of Microsoft’s technology offerings I have embarked upon a small(ish) but extensible project that I can do in stages, and hopefully make use of a wide subset of the technology available.

Rather than discuss the project that I will be developing (as I am sure most are not interested in this), I will instead post a series of writings on the problems that I run into while developing with Asp.Net. Hopefully by having these on a blog with higher google juice may save some people the time I waste with my own occasional stupidity.


  1. Beware of the comment devil: How to save hours of time

Please check back on this post for an index of what I write about, alternatively just subscribe to my weblog in your news aggregator(ATOM) and never come back here again.