Browser Usage Chart

December 14, 2004

Seeings as others seem to be doing this at the moment, its an interesting statistic to track I guess. Here is my browser usage chart since May. This chart covers 2 domains, those being * and * Given that is a completely non-tech site, this gives a reasonable cross-section of society.

Im not sure if you can glean anything from these charts other than IE is still completely owning the market, despite the fact that Mozilla is slowly edging up. The “Unknown” section on this chart is sources that AWStats can’t classify, and all the RSS news aggregators generally get lumped in here. “Others” are those that I couldn’t be bothered breaking down into individual sources as they would basically be a straight line at almost zero, this list includes (but is not limited to) Netscape, most Mobile Phone browsers, LibWWW (general purpose http library), Safari, Gaelon, Konqueror, Lynx, etc…

I think out of everyone, Opera seems to be taking the biggest hammering, poor little guy, up and down like a rollercoaster. Without further ago I present my graph.

PS. I tried to do some neat sparklines for this post, but excel sucks to much at creating nice resolution charts. In fact, I even tried generating a nice big graph, then sampling down to a very small one in a photo program, but I don’t think I actually have enough samples to generate a nice sparkline. Maybe if I had daily, or even weekly samples since May I might have enough data for some sparklines.