Biztalk Blogs Aggregation

August 10, 2004

Last Updated 08/09/2004
The RSS feed was for aggregation was getting very large (almost 1 meg), so the feed now only publishes the latest 20 items to the site, and size has dropped to about 200kb, much more managable.

I’ve started searching for Biztalk related blogs recently given that it is now my primary focus at work. I found a few and decided to make use of Addy Santo’s excellent Blogwave to create an aggregated version of the weblogs I have found. Effectively this creates something similar to Longhorn Blogs, an aggregated site on a specific topic.

So. You can point your aggregator to my “Biztalk Blogs” aggregation which is updated every 30 minutes (so long as I leave my workstation on at the office, which is almost always). I will try and add an xslt stylesheet to this at some point aswell (Addy, feature request, allow linking to an xslt stylesheet?).

If anyone knows of any Biztalk Blogs I am missing, drop me a line

The List so far:

Note that I do know about Martijn’s blog – E-Commerce, EAI and Biztalk, however he only has an ATOM feed available and currently Blogwave only supports RSS.