Ash – Meltdown :: Review

May 24, 2004
  1. Meltdown
  2. Orpheus
  3. Evil Eye
  4. Clones
  5. Starcross’d
  6. Out Of The Blue
  7. Renegade Cavalcade
  8. Detonator
  9. On A Wave
  10. Won’t Be Saved
  11. Vampire Love
  12. </div>

    I bought Ash’s new album Meltdown on the weekend and I can’t hold back, I have to post something about it. If you haven’t yet bought this album and are a fan of alternative / indie / rock / punk then head straight for your local record store and pick up a copy (Virgin Megastores are letting it go for £9.99, an absolute steal). Not sure where it has been released yet outside the UK, but if you can’t wait im sure your local good record store (in Perth 78 Records is currently stocking the album) will be able to get you a copy.

    The album is a mix of rock, pop-rock and punk tracks mixed into one glorious jewel cd case. The first track, Meltdown is a fast rock track that immediately makes you want to get up and jump around the room. It is followed by Orpheous, which initially tricks you into thinking its yet another fast rock song with an intro full of toms and fast muted bass riffs followed by thrashy guitar but eventually settles down into a nice pop-rock song. Track 3, Evil Eye continues the Ash pop tradition with some incredibly catchy poppy riffs and vocals that remind me of The Mavis’ (but definately not in a bad way!).

    So, its definately a surprise when Track 4, Clones (The second single I believe) hits with a some nice rock power chords and yet more toms followed by some great guitar riffs with heavy open hi-hats. Starcross’d is next, and is my favorite track on the album at the moment, great soft rock-pop soft verses followed by powerfull melodic chorus that makes you want to sing along (but im not really that kinda guy :) .

    The rest of the album is a good mix of rock and pop. I have been paying so much attention to the first 5 tracks that I haven’t get had a chance to explore in depth the final 6. I will update this review with my impressions of these last tracks in a day or so.