Accenture Interview Hits

February 5, 2004

Very much like Mun i’ve recently starting getting a lot of search engine hits for “Accenture+Interview” in my referrer logs recently. Accenture Technology Solutions (ATS) must be on a massive hiring drive, or at least they must be in the UK!

I’m not sure that there is much help either of us can give to anyone that is interviewing with ATS at the moment. If you know your stuff and are a good communicator then you should have no troubles acquiring a position with ATS. The HR interviews are the same you will experience at any medium-large enterprise. The skills interview will catch you out if you don’t know your stuff, so shy away from applying for positions that you are not qualified for, and be wary of padding your CV with falsehoods. (I know this is a “durr” type moment but im sure there are people out there that do it :))

On another note, Mun, maybe we should set up “Accenture Bloggers” OPML file and create a synthetic feed using Feedster along the lines of what Alex Hoffman has done for Australian .NET bloggers? If anyone is interested drop a comment onto this post (if any accenture bloggers actually find my blog).