Using Feedster to keep updated

August 24, 2003

I know this is probably not news to most people, however for those who don’t know, Feedster provides an excellent mechanism for keeping updated on what the blog world is saying about things that interest you in your standard RSS aggregator (yes, including mReader).

When you perform a search in Feedster, you get provided with an XML link to those search results. By using that XML link as a feed in your RSS aggregator you will get new posts that match your search criteria appear in your aggregator whenever feedster indexes. Feedster even provides quick subscription buttons for common desktop aggregators to the right side of your search results.

For example, if you want to know when I release a new version of mReader, aswell as whenever someone writes something about mReader then you can perform the following steps

  1. Go to Feedster</p>
    • In the search box, type “mReader”.
      • When the results page appears, right click on the XML button, and select your browsers “Copy Link Address” button. (link address will be
        • Switch to your RSS aggregator, and create a new feed, using the address you copied to your clipboard.</ol> It’s as simple as that. You should now have a new feed in your RSS aggregator, and it should be titled something similar to “Feedster RSS Search Results for mReader”. Whenever someone writes something new about mReader, you will know about it. Note that this also works with mReader itsself. You can enter the XML link provided by Feedster as a new feed in mReader itsself, now whenever you load the “Feedster RSS Search Results for mReader” in mReader, you will have the latest 10 things written about mReader.

          Thanks Scott&Co. Thanks for providing us with an awesome tool!