Thanks to scoble…

July 5, 2003

Thanks to scoble I am inspired to actually start blogging on a more frequent basis.

Let me introduce myself: I am a 24 year old Software Developer who lives in Perth, Australia. I work for PalmTEQ Limited, a designer of Hospitality Point of Sale software and hardware, centered on Wireless Ordering (ie Waiters use handheld devices to take orders at tables and fire them off via Radio Frequency to kitchens etc). My responsibility at PalmTEQ is centered around the development of our wireless ordering software (based on PalmOS) and some of our backoffice applications. I have a lovely girlfriend, Sarah who has been by my side for over 6 years now, but with no intention of marriage any time soon :)

So, now that my main homepage is this weblog, let me show you around my home. Above is links to general parts of my website that are not to do with the blog, pictures (mainly vacation) but I will start adding more stuff interesting stuff as time goes by, maybe even a photoblog there, but I need a phonecam before I can start with that business. Can anyone recommend a good photocam? The rest of the site needs a bit of a spit-shine as I haven’t touched it in a while.

Anyway, look out for more activity here in the future. I have 2 categories, Me and Tech. I should imagine Tech will be more widely used in the short term.