July 16, 2003

mReader, the J2ME app I am writing to read news feeds from any midp java phone is coming along nicely. You can now add weblogs to your list (that is stored between sessions), and fetch weblogs to get a list of articles (these are not stored between sessions, too much to store on such devices), then view articles.

It is currently supporting RDF and RSS 2.0, but I will be adding the other popular formats soon. All I have to think about now is bandwidth constraints. The app is currently 54kb, which I should be able to shrink down by stripping out bits from the kXML and XMLPull libraries i’m never going to use (like serialization).

The app size is not my biggest bandwidth concern however. Larger feeds could become expensive to download especially if you are viewing frequently. I might try to implement some caching so that you can flick between feeds on a per session basis and not incurr extra download charges.

Ill release a beta version to the web sometime in the next week.