Monkey Island Collectors Edition

August 3, 2003

I bought the Monkey Island Collectors Edition set last week and its consumed all my free computer time since! I played the first monkey island game in 1992 when I got my first ever IBM Compatible PC, 486 DX2 66, and loved it. It came bundled with the Creative CDROM drive.

12 Years later I still love the game enough to play the rest of the series. Such a bargin! $50 for 4 games, Monkey Island 1-4. It has to be one of the most humorous game series ever made.

Hint/Tip: If you want to play Monkey Island 2 on newer PC’s that don’t have hardware adlib compatibilty then check out VDMSound. Its not just a sound emulator, but an entire Virtual Machine for older DOS based games that simulates Emm386, Sound, VESA and more. It works like a dream with Monkey Island 2.