iTunes Update

November 2, 2003

I decided to give iTunes a fair go. Seeings as I am moving to the UK this month and the last thing I needed to was haul 150 or so CD’s globally I decided to rip them all to my laptop as mp3s. This task was entrusted to iTunes.

I can honestly say that there was not 1 hiccup over the few weeks that I was ripping the cds. All of them encoded in sweet 160kbps quality (in my opinion the best compromise between size and quality). I love the jukebox features, smart playlists etc.

Despite the fact that It doesnt act like all other well behaved Windows apps i have now uninstalled Winamp and am using iTunes exclusively.

But the best Windows app ever? Hardly.

PS. This is my first post written in Zempt. Seems to work okay, they just need to eye-candy it up a bit :)