I’m sorry, but iTunes for Windows Sucks

October 18, 2003

Despite being a Win32 developer and user, since OSX was released I always had an interest in Mac’s. However, when it came down to the crunch and had to by a Laptop, I went for a Win32 ultralight over the 12″ powerbook, purely because im too ingrown into windows to change.

However I was excited to see that apple had released iTunes for Windows. I figured that all apple software was cool, so I went and downloaded it to give it a try.

Boy does it suck. Here’s why:

  1. It doesnt support WMA. I am moving to the UK and am half way through ripping all my CD’s to WMA so I can listen to them on my nomad and laptop.
  2. It doesnt adhere to your selected windows theme, it goes ahead and uses an ugly grey (the grey color reminds me of windows98 grey), with aqua style scrollbars. This might look at home on a mac, but in windows it looks different to every other program
  3. You can only buy music if you are in the US. Hello, there are more people outside the US than inside, let me buy music from anywhere, its not like your shipping it to my home address, its digital delivery.
  4. [Ed: 19/10/2003] The maximize/restore button on the title bar doesn’t adhere to the same standard as (almost) all other windows apps on the face of the planet. Come-on Apple, if your going to write windows software make it behave like windows software, There is literally no way of maximizing the iTunes window.
  5. [Ed: 19/10/2003] There is no system menu on the iTunes window, so you cant right click on the title bar.
  6. [Ed: 19/10/2003] Re-size icons when you are dragging in and out the window panes are a little hand instead of the standard vertical/horizontal resize bar.

I will use it for a while longer and see if there are redeeming features, but for now its a 1/10 rating. It’s a shame, I really wanted to like this.