Accenture Telephone Interview

December 22, 2003

If you read my last post regarding Intellisense makes you lazy, the test in question was for Accenture website (UK Website) Technology Solutions. I was required to do a .NET test online to gauge my .NET knowledge. Seeings as I didn’t hear back from Accenture I was resigned to the fact that I had been passed over for a position, so you can imagine my surprise to get a phone call from Accenture’s HR Department (whilst driving a hire car through busy UK peak hour traffic, no less) requesing a first round telephone interview.

I’ve been doing prep work for the interview this morning, reading the Accenture website (UK Website) etc. I have no idea what the aim of the interview is, whether its to gauge my personality or technical ability (which I would think is not easy to do over the telephone).

Wish me luck!